About BCCG Construction Group

As a national Design-Build construction firm, BCCG is committed to supporting our Clients with solutions for their facility needs in a variety of specialized markets, wherever those needs may be.

About BCCG Construction Group: Our team of experts provides customized solutions ranging from individual, one-of-a-kind projects to national rollout programs consisting of prototypical facilities delivered simultaneously in multiple states.

BCCG is your single source for the conceptualization, development, design, and construction of facilities, including:

  • Greenfield Sites
  • Brownfield Reuse Sites
  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Expansion
  • Repurposing Existing Buildings
  • Interior Fit-Outs

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Core Elements of BCCG

  • We are focused on the long-term relationships we have with our Clients and keeping the trust they place in us every day.
  • We are a genuine partner to our Clients, focused and committed to their success.
  • We take on the risks of facility design, construction, and commissioning and allow our Clients to focus on their business.
  • We are structured to execute a wide range of project sizes to serve our Clients’ needs, from the smallest of projects to those over $40 million.
  • We are ready to solve problems for our Clients.
  • We create fast-track solutions nationwide.
  • We assure our Clients of high-quality, predictable results, focused on their planned project performance.


The BCCG Commitment

  • We Ask the Right Questions
  • We Solve Your Problems
  • We Mitigate Your Risk
  • We Are Your Partner

National Coverage

BCCG has a proven reputation for successfully executing projects across the country. Our staff has a wide range of experience in over 38 states and an established team and process to execute in new locations.

BCCG has thousands of relationships with local, regional, and national Subcontractors. This allows us to competitively execute projects throughout the U.S. In most cases, our ability to bring regional and national relationships to a project means high-quality solutions at lower cost for our Clients.

BCCG Partnering Approach

Our partnering approach creates a win-win for all stakeholders. This approach fosters collaboration between the Owner, Developer, Designers, Contractor, city, county, and state authorities, and all stakeholders very early during the design phase. BCCG’s process can be thought of as a proactive method of delivering projects that aid in early, continuous communication, early detection, and elimination of design inconsistencies, scheduling conflicts, and budget overruns. BCCG’s team of construction experts is well-versed in design and construction and possesses the experience required to skillfully collaborate with all the required parties to deliver facilities solutions from simple buildings to complex and challenging programs.

Uniqueness of BCCG Construction Group

BCCG’s Senior Leadership Team members each have an average of 25 years of relevant experience in the industries we serve. Their design and construction expertise includes managing large and complex capital improvement programs valued at over $1 billion. The strength and capacity of our team is built on the experience of each member; having held key positions in the top 10 percent of U.S. contractors (ENR Top 400). BCCG is a team with deep experience solving our Clients’ facility challenges.

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Unique Awareness

BCCG History

BC Construction Group (BCCG) was founded in 2009 with a clear, focused vision: deliver the highest level of service to Clients nationally. Our firm history has a team is composed of very senior construction professionals that bring to life solutions that solve today’s facility challenges. With a dynamic strategy in place, the firm is delivering “Solutions That Create Repeat Clients”

BCCG Culture

BCCG understands a great team is required to deliver quality facilities. It takes a positive and nurturing environment to retain employees that make up a great team. BCCG has established a firm that is a great place to build a career by creating an environment where employees are valued, thrive, and have a great time doing the work.

Client Satisfaction is at the Core of Every Project


Throughout the life of the project, our Clients can count on receiving timely reports that enable them to know the budget and financial position of the project at all times.


Our quality mission is to provide valuable solutions to our Clients, building safe and operable facilities while avoiding needless errors and non-conformities that negatively impact cost and schedule. By adhering to our process, our company and each team member remains focused within a proven quality system, delivering quality products. These solutions range from individual, one-of-a-kind projects to national roll-out programs consisting of prototypical facilities delivered simultaneously in a dozen states.



The health and well-being of every person on a BCCG project the concern of everyone; therefore, we make this an important commitment for our team. Our goal for every project is to have zero incidents – which we know is achievable through our solid safety program.



BCCG’s scheduling techniques reflect a clear understanding of program and project management that creates a common vision of the project plan for all stakeholders.

BCCG Construction Group Solution

Core Values

Honor your commitments openly and honestly.

Treat all equally and with respect.

Take pride in your work, in everything we do.

Do what has to be done, be fair and resilient to get to the right solution.

We feel BCCG is more than just our builder; they are a partner.

- Envision Science Academy