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Quality Management Program

Quality Commitment

BCCG’s management and employees are committed to quality and the tenets of continuous improvement throughout our business operations and execution of work. We perform all business and construction activities according to our BCCG Quality Management Program (QMP), which allows us to achieve a high level of quality from project planning through final completion. By adhering to our process, our company and each team member remains focused on delivering a quality facility.

We know that no two projects will be exactly the same, nor are they the same from industry-to-industry or building-to-building. Because of this, BCCG has a QMP to address the unique quality issues within each project within a repeatable quality methodology. The process and principles are the same, but we address the quality issues based upon the needs and complexity of the project.

In conjunction with QMP, BCCG staff maintains certifications in several industry-standard quality programs that we know to be necessary to achieve repeatable quality across the U.S. on each and every project. On the strength of our people’s years of industry experience, BCCG has built a diverse body of knowledge and techniques that equip us to deliver quality at every phase of the project.



To Design and Construct facilities that exceed our Client's expectations in quality of functionality, process, design, materials, and craftsmanship.

We plan to continue our relationship as we execute new projects in the future because of the high-quality product they deliver.

- Amcor Rigid Plastics