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Welcome to BC Construction Group's Education Division, where we specialize in turning your school vision into reality. With a focus on excellence, we design and construct exceptional learning environments tailored to your needs.

Our expertise extends beyond construction. We've built a network of top-tier partners in technology, marketing, enrollment, and procurement to support your school's success. Partnering with BCCG means embarking on a journey of collaboration and innovation. From concept to completion, we ensure every detail aligns with your vision, budget, and timeline. We're not just builders; we're solution providers dedicated to your success. Let us unleash the power of education and help you create a legacy that transforms lives.



Design to Budget
Design to Budget
Designing within budget is a core focus of BCCG's Education Group, ensuring our clients receive cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs.
Full Service Offerings
From Start to Finish
Experience the convenience and efficiency with our comprehensive, end-to-end Educational solutions.
A Proven Process
BCCG's Proven Process
We offer comprehensive support from concept to funding, school development, and facilities, with a seasoned team ready to make it happen quickly and efficiently.
Partnership Program
Your Trusted Partner
Our program includes a comprehensive plan to move your school facility from concept to opening in an interactive, transparent process.
Prototype Design
Transforming Education with
Prototype School Design
We specializes in prototype design, offering tailored facilities that meet the evolving needs of education
Selecting a Prototype
Selecting a Prototype
Our Prototypes offer a cost-effective solution, accelerating time to market while enabling users to select amenity options effortlessly
Design to Budget
Cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.
Full Service Offerings
End-to-end solutions for your Education project.
A Proven Process
Seamless project execution from start to finish.
Partnership Program
BCCG is your trusted facility partner.
Prototype Design
Customized prototypes for your school.
Selecting a Prototype
Prototypes offer a cost-effective solution.
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Who We Work With


ED - Integrated Const Solutions
Integrated Construction Solutions
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Our value lies in delivering exceptional Design-Build solutions as a single source solution, utilizing internal and design partner expertise throughout the U.S. who bring specialized expertise to meet your project-specific needs. This approach not only saves time and money but also reduces risk to your project, providing you with a single point of responsibility for project performance.

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We bring expertise in Tilt-up construction. With proven experience and success in this system across the US, we offer clients a valuable option when considering what is the best envelope to enclose their manufacturing process.

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Adaptive Reuse & Renovation

BCCG excels at renovation projects, breathing new life into existing structures with precision and expertise. With a commitment to quality, we transform outdated spaces into modern marvels that exceed expectations. Our comprehensive renovation services encompass everything from structural enhancements to interior redesigns, ensuring each project reflects the unique vision and needs of our clients.


Wake Prep

Wake Preparatory - Empowering Wake Forest, North Carolina parents with educational choices, BCCG spearheaded a comprehensive facility transformation for a public charter school.

Endeavor Charter

Endeavor Charter School - Located in Wake Forest, NC, Endeavor Charter School opened it’s door in 2008. The school was founded with the goals of graduating students who are confident and curious, and providing an additional public school of choice to a district in need of options.

Bonnie Cone

Bonnie Cone Classical Academy- BCCG was selected by Team CFA to Design-Build Bonnie Cone Classical Academy, a new start-up K-8 charter school, located in the city of Huntersville, North Carolina.

Shining Rock

Shining Rock Calssical Academy - BCCG was selected to Design-Build a K-9 charter school on their new campus. The new building increases their student capacity and the site design accommodates expansion for future expansion.

Central FL Prep

Central Florida Preparatory - In collaboration with its funding partner, ESJ, Central Florida Preparatory School turned to BCCG and its partners to design a facility solution that would incorporate all elements required to fulfill its mission.


Optimization - Education
Total Program
Management & Execution
Stage 1
Conceptual Analysis

We begin by truly listening to our clients and understanding their unique mission, objectives, and program needs. Our team conducts programming interviews and, if needed, initiates site evaluation through our in-house site selection services. This stage culminates in a no-obligation report, offering a valuable evaluation of the BCCG advantage.

Stage 2
Project Definition & Refinement

We confirm project requirements, conduct an affordability analysis, and refine the conceptual facility and site design. By aligning with the client’s goals, BCCG ensures a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope and budget. This stage also serves as an opportunity to fine-tune the design, optimizing its functionality and feasibility.

Stage 3
Comprehensive Due Diligence

We conduct a thorough site evaluation and feasibility assessments. This involves surveys, environmental studies, traffic assessments, soil evaluations, and utilities availability checks. Zoning and permitting regulations are reviewed to ensure compliance. Additionally, a project timeline is developed, providing a clear roadmap.

Stage 4
Project Commencement

BCCG takes decisive action during this stage, completing full site due diligence, engaging funding sources, advancing design, securing land contracts, and providing a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for cost certainty. With thorough site evaluations and financial arrangements in place, Stage 4 sets the groundwork for the actual construction to commence.

Stage 5
Project Execution

BCCG efficiently and effectively carries out the construction process. With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to high-quality standards, every aspect of the project is executed with precision. Our expert team manages the entire process, ensuring smooth coordination between all stakeholders involved.

Stage 6
Facility Turnover

The school is handed the keys to its new building! We walk you through maintenance and warranty requirements so your school can continue to operate at optimal efficiency.

Stage 7
Warranty & Satisfaction

Our Team wants to make sure the school is pleased with your new building. Our relationship with our clients is just as important to us at the end of the project as it was at the beginning. Overall, as we progress through this seven-stage process, BCCG works together with the school to produce a facility solution they can afford and meets the program needs of the school. Our team is committed to the end goal of providing cost-efficient, high-quality facility solutions resulting in attractive, functional, and safe education environments.


Experts in Education
S.E. "Chip" Harp
Vice President of Education
Adam Chafe
Vice President of Business Development
Lynette Stevens
Business Development
Vinny Michalesko
Vice President of Education Operations


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