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BC Construction Group's Manufacturing Division specializes in creating facilities that effectively and efficiently support the unique needs of manufacturing. We understand that the building is not the focus, but it is the facilitator required to support high-quality manufacturing. BCCG understands a broad range of manufacturing processes and brings the team together to support the design and construction of a facility that is cost-effective, completed on time, and meets the quality requirements of our clients. Knowing how to design and construct buildings is part of the equation, but in manufacturing, the process dictates the building requirements, and it takes expertise to translate those requirements into the right building solution.

Our commitment is to construct facilities that maximize your capital investment return now and into the future. Depending on the project's needs, the BCCG project team includes architects, engineers, process engineers, estimators, permitting specialists, construction experts, process installation experts, and more. We wrap our team around our clients to take on whatever challenges they need assistance with, to reduce their risk, and provide a predictable quality outcome for the project.

Hyundai Testimonial
From the very beginning, the team’s effort on resolving design issues for both testing operations equipment and building systems, implementing significant cost savings, and then purchasing timely to meet critical quality, cost, and schedule objectives is critical to keeping this project on the right path to success. This is how we should always work together.
Chad Shahin
Sr. Group Manager, Administrative Services
Hyundai Motor America

We specialize in providing complete Design-Build solutions utilizing our design partners who bring specialized expertise to the project.

We specialize in providing complete Design-Build solutions utilizing our design partners who bring specialized expertise to the project.

Our value lies in delivering exceptional Design-Build solutions as a single source solution, utilizing internal and design partner expertise throughout the U.S. who bring specialized expertise to meet your project-specific needs. This approach not only saves time and money but also reduces risk to your project, providing you with a single point of responsibility for project performance.

Tilt-Up Construction

We bring expertise in Tilt-up construction. With proven experience and success in this system across the US, we offer clients a valuable option when considering what is the best envelope to enclose their manufacturing process.

Steel Solutions

Explore the versatility of steel solutions and pre-engineered metal buildings with BCCG.

Explore the versatility of steel solutions and pre-engineered metal buildings with BCCG.

Explore the versatility of steel solutions and pre-engineered metal buildings with BCCG. Whether you need a durable manufacturing space or a flexible facility, our experts are skilled in delivering tailored steel solutions for your unique requirements.


Why BC Construction?

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Cost, Schedule,
and Quality Control

Having certainty in a project’s performance and results gives our clients the competitive advantage they need to be successful.

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Process Design &
Building Infrastructure

BCCG uses advanced simulation modeling to analyze your current production operations, providing recommendations to optimize footprint, cut utility costs, and implement automation and smart factory technologies.

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BCCG recognizes the critical importance of your products’ successful launch and time to market means to your business’s success.

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BCCG assembles teams that best fit your program’s technical requirements balancing performance, flexibility, risk mitigation, and cost to optimize budget and deliver the level of quality your production process requires

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Safety is paramount. We implement best-practice safety protocols to protect the health and well-being of all workers and job-site visitors.

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Sale Lease Back
Build to Suit Options

BCCG has partnerships across the United States offering various development opportunities. We have proven success in land development, build to suite, and sale-leaseback transactions. Click Here to partner with BCCG.


Market Segments

Optimizing Project Success
Optimizing Project Success
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Proven Process

BC Construction Group's works with industrial process experts to optimize your project. Our Design-Build methodology is to understand our Clients manufacturing processes and create a single source efficient cost effective solution that reduces risk and provides a predictable outcome.

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Feasibility Analysis

During BCCG's Project Development and PreConstruction Process, we analyze your program's needs, craft precise budgets, assess land viability, and propose site and building concepts. At the end of this phase, we deliver a Report covering Land Evaluation, Site and Building Concepts, Budget, Schedule, Owner Risk List, and aligned recommendations.

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Due Diligence

We meticulously analyze your Reshoring or FDI project to ensure it aligns with your schedule, budget, and risk tolerance. This results in a thorough Due Diligence Report, providing updated insights on Land Evaluation, Site and Building Concepts, Budget, Schedule, Owner Risk List, and recommendations tailored to your project goals and alignment.

Interior 1

Hyundai - Hyundai Motor America’s new Safety Test Inspection Lab (STIL) and Facility Crash Inspection Lab (FCIL) in Superior Township, Michigan.

Interior 2

Behr Paint - Behr Paint's new Manufacturing and Distribution Facility in Dayton, Ohio.

Interior 3

Dura Automotive- Michigan-based automotive supplier, is opening its first lightweight structures manufacturing plant in North America to assemble battery trays for electric vehicles.

Amcor - Bellevue

AMCOR Rigid Plastics - Amcor is a global leader in developing and producing flexible and rigid packaging for food, beverages, and other household products.


Parata Systems - Parata Systems is a company that provides pharmaceutical automation and medicine management solutions. The new facility brings Parata’s manufacturing, distribution, and corporate offices into a single location.

Lake Cable

Lake Cable - A national developer specializing in manufacturing facilities sought the expertise of BCCG to provide a quality, cost-efficient facility solution for its tenant Lake Cable, a wire and cable manufacturer.

Nokian Tyre

Nokian Tyre - Nokian Tyre Finished Goods Warehouse provides essential storage space and addresses pressing inventory requirements. The facility enables Nokian Tyres to meet customer demands efficiently and effectively.

Swan Hose

Swan Hose- Swan Hose Products required a larger, cost effective facility solution to expand existing operations in Waco, Texas. The addition provided warehouse space for storage of raw materials directly onsite, eliminating use of a third-party logistics company.

Optimization - Manufacturing
Building Your
Competitive Advantage
Program Management

We tailor the execution strategy to fit the unique needs of our Clients, which enables us to deliver a successful program. Our integrated program delivery approach brings together the owner, designers, engineers, and specialty contractors early in the program to manage potential threats and manage deliverables, costs, quality, and safety across the entire program.

Project Development

Our Project Development Solutions provide our clients with valuable information at the very beginning of your program’s conceptual phase. Our solutions provide quantifiable and visual project outlooks that help project decision makers and executives make informed decisions.


Our Pre-Construction team equips clients with crucial data for informed decision-making before construction begins. We provide detailed design, budget, schedule, and planning information with technical support. This empowers clients to make real-time, data-driven decisions on scope, quality, schedule, commissioning, and costs.


Design-Build and Construction Services include detailed implementation of the project plan. Our client-driven project execution results in a rewarding experience for the project stakeholders and mutual success for both Client and BC Construction Group, including its trade partners.

Experts in Manufacturing
Adam Chafe
Vice President of Business Development
Lynette Stevens
Business Development
Paul Lemley
Chief Strategy Officer


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