Brown Fleet selected BCCG to Design-Build their new truck service center in North Carolina. BCCG delivered a cost efficient, 15,400-square-foot pre-engineered metal building located on a 4.13-acre site on the east side of Raleigh.

The service center includes a 1,800-square-foot office, 9,450-square-foot garage, and a 4,150-square-foot parts storage space. The interior has a clear height of 20 feet. For internal access, there are 13, 14-by-16-foot electric overhead doors.

Because site elevations were lower than the adjacent property, BCCG flattened the site and built a large retaining wall. Once these tasks were completed, the property was able to provide the required area for trailer parking needed to move the project forward.

The project was successfully completed on a fast-track schedule.