Delivering large, complex, and expensive facilities in Warehouse & Distribution, Charter Education, Manufacturing, Commercial/Retail, or Senior Living takes collaboration. It also takes leadership in different areas of the project and BCCG is prepared to lead its part.

BCCG takes pride in operating to the requirements of the Client. In response, we deliver projects under three different project delivery methods. The primary method used by BCCG is the Design-Build method. Because Clients have different needs, we also deliver projects using Construction Management and General Contracting methodologies. Each method is different and has advantages in certain situations.

The Design-Build advantage to the Client is a reliable, single contract to get the job done, with minimal risk for the Client. Our turnkey and partnering approach enables BCCG to work with our Clients every step of the way to deliver a complete project. Regardless of the delivery method, BCCG puts our Clients first.

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The Design-Build method of construction is as old as the construction industry itself. Historically, construction was done under a single contract for the design and construction of a project. This gave the owner a single point of responsibility and shifted the majority of project risk to the Design-Builder. This was also called the “Master Builder” approach, and the leaders of these companies were generally architects and engineers, just like Design-Builders today. The rising popularity of Design-Build in private sector and government projects today speaks volumes about the advantages of this method.

BCCG provides a complete Design-Build solution utilizing our design partners that provide specialized expertise required by our Client’s project. This method saves time and costs for Clients, while providing them a single point of responsibility for communication and responsibility, reducing their risk. BCCG leads the team involving the Client, Civil Engineers, Planners, Architects, and Subcontractors working together from concept to commissioning.


When the Client/Owner desires to retain the Architects, Engineers, and Designers directly, BCCG will engage the Client/Owner providing Construction Management services.

In this case, the Client holds and controls the risk of the design and construction interface. Construction Management is most often the choice of school districts and some government entities that are restricted to this method if they desire to choose their Constructor, without using a bid process. By using this delivery methodology, the Client assumes a significant amount of risk in handling issues between the contractor and the designers.

What We Do: Delivery Methods - Construction Management

We recommend hiring the Construction Manager early in the process to assist in the design and provide estimating support to help keep the project within budget as the design progresses. BCCG interfaces directly with Clients and Designers to provide the best data and decisions during the design phase and maintain firm control through bidding and construction. Our participation and systems provide the Client with the information to make educated and accurate decisions regarding their project.

After the design is complete, BCCG is prepared to use its significant relationships in the local, regional, and national Subcontracting community to gain competitive pricing from the marketplace, reducing project cost. BCCG’s Construction Management team is an extension of the Client’s staff, always on the side of the Client in driving the project to a successful completion.

What We Do: Delivery Methods - General Contractor


When Clients have a completed design and a lump sum price is desired to execute the construction, BCCG will be your General Contractor. Sometimes, BCCG is asked to provide a bid to construct the facility from the permitted set of plans, or the price is negotiated based on the plans. While BCCG does not self-perform any trade work, we deliver the best value for Clients by hiring specialty contractors to execute the trade work on the project.

The General Contractor delivery method is often used today on smaller projects or when the Client has a large, sophisticated internal facility and a construction team that is very confident in the completed design. By using this delivery methodology, the Client assumes a significant amount of risk in handling issues between the Contractor and the Designers.

The advantages of hiring BCCG as the General Contractor include our financial strength to handle the project risks and deep relationships and national pricing from material and specialty system manufacturers that can reduce cost and delivery times.

They prepared us for each step throughout the Design and Budget Phase, meeting our target dates along the way.

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