An Environment That Fosters Hard Work, Innovation, and Fun

At BCCG, our focus is on Solutions that Create Repeat Clients. Just as we nurture relationships with Clients, because we want them to come back to BCCG for their future facility and project needs, we also nurture relationships with our employees because we know it takes a strong team to uphold our standard of treating all Clients as true partners by designing and constructing great facilities.

Our company mission statement is powerful.

We are focused on providing a true service-based solution to our Clients with the goal of treating all Clients as true partners. We understand that our Clients deserve the greatest service available in the most cost-efficient means possible.
This mission is not met without having a great team. Their work directly influences the service we provide our Clients and impacts our reputation. Serving Clients requires a team that respects both our Clients and each other.
We want our employees to know they are valued, to thrive, and have a great time while doing the work. Founder, Mark Tomasik, is passionate about his vision, “Our people can come to work and be dedicated, doing the work we hired them to do. Yet, we want them to be comfortable so we’ve created a casual environment so our people can focus on getting the work done. We work hard. Then, when it’s time to go home, we want our employees to be able to enjoy their personal life and time away from the office. This is really important to us.”

We are proud to be

Our company established our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) effective on January 1, 2022. The ESOP is a long-term wealth‐building benefit that holds stock in BC Construction Group. The value of the ESOP benefit that employees enjoy is tied to the performance of our company. Our ESOP brings advantages for employees and our company.

For Employees
  • Receive a benefit that you DO NOT pay for out of your pocket.
  • Are awarded stock in the company through the ESOP — awards and allocations determined annually.
  • Share in the value that our business generates over time.
  • Grow long‐term wealth through the quality work that each employee does every day.
For Our Company
  • Offer a unique retirement benefit that rewards valued employees for company success.
  • Sustain our great company and our culture beyond the ownership of our founders.
  • Stabilize future company ownership in a way that promotes healthy growth.

Development and Mentorship

An important goal at BCCG is to find talented people and retain them. We foster a high-growth culture and train our people to be the best in the business through an open door management style and a mentorship approach. Our people are challenged to excel in their roles and to reach their full potential. We give them the resources and tools required so that creativity flourishes and employees are comfortable innovating and problem solving to get the job done. It is BCCG’s culture to give our employees the opportunity to develop and grow professionally within our own firm.

Work/Life Balance

There is no time clock at BCCG. We don’t need one. Our great people work hard, yet the culture incorporates balance, which includes flex-time. The BCCG leadership team understands employees need time away from the office or from work to manage life away from BCCG.

We add fun to the mix, too. Team activities, celebrations, and outings, are thought out, carefully planned, and happen often, which engages everyone and creates balance. Events include off-site team building exercises, summer barbeques on the office patio, the annual company picnic (which involves winning cool prizes), and various other office tournaments to promote friendly competition, plus more.


Generously helping organizations that matter to our company, our people, and our community is important to us. Annually, during the year-end holiday season, BCCG’s staff partners with an organization that sets up the holidays for families in the program. Also, BCCG makes arrangements for our staff to volunteer their time at Gleaners Community Food Bank. Giving in these ways allows our staff to contribute their time and energy to support the community where we live and work.

“Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” Award

With a dedicated and talented team of professionals that is persistent in delivering the Solutions that Create Repeat Clients, BCCG was proud to be honored with the 2019 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch” Award, presented by the Michigan Celebrates Small Business organization.

Award Star to BCCG