Today’s educational solutions demand the latest in innovation and technology to create premier learning environments for students. A major challenge for charter schools is the creation of facilities within the tight budgets and time frames most often required. These facilities must be affordable, durable, efficient, and effectively match the unique educational program needs of the school. Also important is the incorporation of sustainable design and construction along with energy efficiency for reduced operating costs.

BCCG has a proven track record of designing and constructing centers of learning that factor in all these important elements and create building that provide a safe, healthy, and enriching environment for students and faculty. Our experience includes new Greenfield construction, repurposing of existing buildings, renovation, and additions to existing buildings. The BCCG team’s experience, gained from the design and construction of over 220 charter schools in 30 states, provides our Clients high-quality, affordable solutions for their building needs.

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Hallway of a charter school

I can attest that the BCCG team is committed to providing superior customer service, and they possess the knowledge, talent, and professionalism to deliver a high-quality product.