Architects. General Contractors. Bonds. Bidding. HVAC. Developers. Subcontractors. Design Firms. Permitting. Sewers. Uggh!!

To those not in the development and construction industries, these terms can be a confusing maze of options and decisions. What if there is an issue between design and construction? Who is responsible when something goes wrong? What if the school cannot afford the design? Can you trust the price offered? How do you get financing? How do you know you are getting the best result?

BCCG has learned through experience that not all delivery methods are the same, nor do they produce the same result. Even firms providing the same delivery method can end up providing very different results, in price, quality, and value.

The Design-Build process, coupled with our Program Management Services, provides schools with a turnkey facility solution. BCCG can be the school’s single point of contact regarding the project. If the design needs to meet the budget, BCCG is there to ensure that occurs. If the school needs a firm project price, BCCG provides a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for delivery of the project. In addition, BCCG can offer site selection evaluation, manage permitting and site use, even refer funding options.

The Design-Build process incorporates an open-book, transparent working arrangement between the school, BCCG, and other major stakeholders committed to finding the best option possible. We start with a concept and refine it to fit both programming and budgetary requirements. We utilize proven sources and methods for material and construction. We emphasize safety, especially in operating on active campuses. The Design-Build process produces the best result when coupled with BCCG’s experienced team because the process drives solutions in design, budgeting, process, and value.

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Inside of a classroom with small desks and chairs. poster on the wall, a whiteboard, and shelving of books and toys.

I can attest that the BCCG team is committed to providing superior customer service, and they possess the knowledge, talent, and professionalism to deliver a high-quality product.