BCCG University – Go to Meeting

Today, the Brighton office employees gathered to learn the fundamentals of Go to Meeting. We reviewed both attending a meeting, as well as setting up and running a Go to Meeting. It was a good review for our staff. Keep watch for our next BCCG University Lunch and Learn!

Ascend Leadership Academy has Broken Ground on Expansion

BCCG is on site at Ascend Leadership Academy breaking ground on their new expansion. The expansion is part of a multiphase program and adds a High School to Ascend Leadership Academy’s offered education. Project Executive Tim Lemoine, Director of Development Services at BCCG, states, “We are thrilled to support Ascend Leadership Academy in it’s continued …

It’s Brighton Office Fajita Day!

BCCG’s Brighton Office has been spoiled once again! Project Manager Bobby Cheeseman has made one of his specialty dishes- fajitas! Bobby has many years of practice with this dish, and the silence in the kitchen during lunch is a testament to how good the food is. Thank you Bobby!

95 Business Center Undergoing Stabilization

In order to deliver a quality project at 95 Business Center, BCCG needed to improve the strength of the native soils to construct the project. Because of the timing and cost, we chose stabilization as the best solution for this particular property. Here are a couple photos showing the progress! Keep your eye on our …

BCCG to Attend the South Carolina Automotive Summit

The South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance Automotive Summit is in two short weeks. BCCG representative Woody Smith will be attending to connect with other industry professionals and learn about the needs and trends the industry is facing. If you are looking to connect, reach out to Woody Smith on LinkedIn!

Construction Continues at Coastal Preparatory Academy

The expansion of Coastal Preparatory Academy, located in Wilmington, NC, continues as planned. We have finished paving the northeast parking lot and will begin striping it shortly. We also have the roof in place and are beginning to install the steel framing. Here are a couple photos showing the progress!

BCCG Launches Team to Focus on Community Volunteering Opportunities

After volunteering at Gleaners Community Food Bank, located in Detroit, Michigan, during the recent Christmas holiday season, several BCCG team members decided it would be good to be more consistently involved in the community. With that, a few of our passionate personnel have formed a committee to identify and plan volunteer opportunities for the team. …