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The heart of the pre-construction phase is to develop a solution that meets the Client’s needs for facility performance.

The outcome of every project rests heavily on activities performed during pre-construction. Utilizing an integrated project approach, the pre-construction services team engages with the Client early to thoroughly analyze the feasibility of a project based on the program, budget, schedule, and available sites. This step facilitates developing a solution that fits all those elements.

Part of this process also involves understanding the hurdle to project delivery, including those on and off the project site, early in pre-construction to mitigate surprises.

Our team works closely with all state, county, city, and other permitting authorities to negotiate and produce the best outcome for our Clients.

Pre-construction Service Areas

  • Project Feasibility
  • Zoning and Planning Assistance
  • Land Entitlements
  • Solution Development to Budget
  • Site and Building Concept
  • Construction Estimating
  • Land and Building Assessment
  • Project Financing*
  • Utilities

* Through partner relationships, we connect our Clients to project financing or leasing, depending on their needs. These partnerships include developers, REITs, private equity funds, private and public bond sales, and traditional banks.

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As a project progresses to the construction phase, BCCG maintains team continuity by assigning the same personnel involved with the pre-construction effort to the construction team. With a very detailed execution plan developed specifically for the project, BCCG launches the construction phase.

This plan includes: the completed and permitted design, a detailed schedule, a quality plan, a safety plan, an inspection and approval plan with the city, county, and state, a commissioning plan, and an integrated Client turn-over plan. Part of maintaining continuity for the team, a BCCG executive oversees the project from start to finish.

The Project Manager and Superintendent work with the estimating team to ensure the bidding and contract award process engages the best value subcontractors for the project. As they gear up the construction phase, permits are in hand and the subcontractors are fully committed to the schedule. As this critical phase gets underway, the planning and design that was so carefully handled is now the key to success. The team managing the project to completion is the team that carefully crafted that plan.

Construction Systems & Processes

Construction systems and processes necessary to manage and execute your projects:

  • Permitted Drawings to Build Project
  • Value Engineering and Execution
  • Sustainability
  • Budget Control
  • Job Cost Tracking, Control, and Forecasting
  • Change Control
  • Document Control
  • Schedule Control
  • Commissioning
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Program Management

Whether the program needs to be executed across multiple states or involves the acquisition and installation of complex process equipment or furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E), BCCG’s dedicated team members are equipped with solid program management experience to provide fast-track and seamless delivery.

We tailor the execution strategy - developed around our proven construction processes and systems - to fit the unique needs of the planned facilities, the Client, and end users, which enables us to deliver a successful program. Our integrated program delivery approach brings together the owner, designers, engineers, and specialty contractors early in the program to manage would-be threats and to strictly manage deliverables, costs, quality, and safety across the entire program.

  • Permanent & Temporary Relocation
  • FF&E Acquisition & Installation
  • Manufacturing Process Layout
  • Process Equipment Installation
  • Multiple Site Programs

When you need a team to handle not only the design and construction of one or more facilities, but also the acquisition and installation of everything inside the facility, work with BCCG to manage the entire program.

Process Equipment Installation

Markets We Service:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Food & Beverage

From process layout to the design of foundations, pads, and material handling within your facility, through the assembly and installation of conveyors, machines, presses, and robots, our professional team provides turn-key services.

Our team members have worked on the owner’s side of complex assembly, manufacturing, and production environments within the markets we serve. Therefore, we understand the unique needs of businesses and have the capability to provide our Clients with seamless solutions for process equipment installation needs. Our experience includes delivering the following projects:

  • Cold Rolling
  • Component Assembly
  • Composites Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Heat Treating
  • Machining
  • Material Handling
  • Metal Casting
  • Paint & Coatings
  • Plastic Molding
  • Primary Metals Production
  • Stamping
  • Welding
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What We Do: Services - Process Equipment Installation

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The BCCG team starts to develop a commissioning plan from the early stages of the design phase for the project. This plan carefully evaluates systems at every level and proves functionality with the design requirement. “Green” certification and validation required for the building are included, when applicable. Also, part of the plan is the training and turn-over of the building operation to the Client. Manuals, operating data, and training materials, including an on-site training video of the of the Client’s staff, are all provided.

I am confident in the long-standing expertise of their team, and anticipate working with them in the future.

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