BCCG was selected as the General Contractor to construct a new office and production laboratory for this high-end government electronics supplier that specializes in sophisticated technology solutions.

Two-thirds of the facility features open architecture with multi-functional offices and common areas. Between the first and second floors, there are 52 offices and open space for multiple workstations, as well as 5 conference spaces of varying sizes. The 11,000-square-foot production laboratory is equipped with a noise baffling system separating it from the office space. The parking lot was designed to hold 125 cars.

One of the project tasks was to develop a permanent path for the Client to maneuver forklifts from the building directly next to the build site to this new construction. The existing building decreased the amount of space available during the construction, and also presented a topographical difference by being significantly higher than the new construction. BCCG overcame the site elevation variations using specific and careful grades that were functional while placing safety as a priority.

Overcoming these hurdles, BCCG was able to complete the project in a safe and timely manner, providing the Client with a versatile office and laboratory space.