BC Construction Group was awarded the contract for the construction of Hyundai Motor America’s new Safety Test Inspection Lab (STIL) and Facility Crash Inspection Lab (FCIL) in Superior Township, Michigan. This project, slated for completion by October 2023, is notable for its advanced features and accelerated timeline, set to finish eight months ahead of the initial schedule.

The scope of the project encompasses the coordination and integration of Hyundai’s Crash Test operations into the facility’s design and construction, ensuring compliance with the stringent requirements of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The construction will comprise a combination of conventional and pre-engineered metal buildings, encompassing sophisticated power distribution systems, battery recharging functions, and specialized laboratories for inspection, control, and analysis purposes.

Hyundai Safety Test & Inspection Laboratory Explained

BC Construction Group’s strategic approach involves collaboration with specialized trade contractors, leading to substantial cost savings. Through an Early Procurement Strategy and a robust cost reduction plan, the project has already documented savings of $3.7 million, with a targeted additional savings of $3.9 million. This cost-conscious strategy is integral to maintaining financial predictability throughout the design process.

Recognizing the significance of on-time project delivery, BC Construction Group has implemented a risk-based fee structure, ensuring stringent adherence to performance metrics. By actively engaging with our architectural and engineering partners, we have proactively influenced the design process and early material procurement, establishing a reliable project timeline. This proactive measure not only guarantees timely completion but also shields Hyundai from potential financial penalties associated with project delays.

The successful implementation of these strategies underscores BC Construction Group’s commitment to excellence, ensuring the project’s positive impact on the Hyundai brand and, most importantly, enhancing vehicle occupant safety.