Satisfied with our service at other facilities, HR REIT contracted with BCCG to handle the large concrete replacement project at the Nestle DeKalb, Illinois facility.

BCCG went to work to remove and replace over 800,000 square feet of concrete; all of which was crushed on site and reused. In addition, the asphalt parking lot was removed and replaced.

During construction, the construction team ran into wet soil and had to resolve storm water drainage issues. BCCG corrected the problem by adding storm water piping and catch basins, and tied these into an existing system.

Overall, the project’s success depended on coordination of work with Nestle’s staff so as not to interrupt Nestle’s logistics and operations. BCCG implemented a plan to close sections of the work area one at a time, which allowed the work to be completed in a timely manner and keep Nestle’s facility in full operation.