BCCG was engaged to design and build a flexible-use facility that would maximize utilization of the site and create the best value for the developer. This is a common challenge presented to BCCG, and the team worked diligently to create a solid investment-grade solution for the Client.

BCCG’s solution was a 152,000 SF facility that can be used by up to four individual tenants requiring space for a range of applications. The building has a median of approximately 40,000 SF, allowing flexibility in partitioning for multi-tenant use. The building is situated on a 15-acre site, and master planned to allow for future development. The building features 31 truck docks and roll-up openings of function.

The building’s steel reinforced, concrete tilt-up construction is economical to construct, cost effective to climate control, structurally strong for both hurricane and seismic requirements, and very attractive.

Severe weather events, including heavy rain and snow, caused significant delays to construction progress; however, the BCCG team overcame these challenges and met budget and schedule requirements.

Before completing facility construction, BCCG was also awarded the contracts to complete tenant improvements for both UPS and Fidelitone.