BCCG was selected to construct a 160,000-square-foot speculative multi-tenant warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina. The building was constructed with load-bearing, site-cast, tilt-up walls with a structural steel roof and has over 35 dock doors.

This project required BCCG to implement innovative solutions to overcome several challenges. First, 20,000 cubic yards of rock in a disadvantageous location was blasted, crushed, and utilized later in the project. Secondly, the available space to maneuver heavy equipment around local powerlines was limited. Careful planning and solid direction fostered by years of experience in the industry allowed BCCG to make the necessary adjustments and work around the pre-existing utilities without causing interruptions or incurring any unnecessary expense.

Lastly, a stream that traversed the property had to be relocated in order to finalize parcel development. BCCG efficiently handled all the issues, resulting in a high-quality delivery.