Previously used for 30 mobile homes and a seasonal camp site, BC Construction Group (BCCG) provided site development services for this 34-acre property before constructing three buildings. It was necessary for BCCG to demolish all existing utilities and prepare the site for industrial use.

A mere 15 feet above sea level, the construction team found that the sand was wet and the soil was unstable for construction. In addition, during the early stages of construction, a hurricane brought in more water. Dry materials were used to stabilize the soil and prepare it for construction. BCCG implemented best practices to ensure foundation longevity and to prevent the water table from causing problems in the future.

The scope of work included widening the street leading to the property and improving the site’s access roads.

BCCG then constructed three buildings in tandem for a total of 425,000 square feet. BCCG coordinated subcontractors and materials to maximize cost savings and efficiency on all three projects by building one shared retention pond and utilizing the same subcontractors. Despite the hurricane delay, the projects were completed on time and under budget.