This American Tire Distributors facility is the sixth in the National Rollout Program completed by BC Construction Group (BCCG). Like the others, it includes 121,060 square feet of warehouse space and 4,000 square feet of office space. There is a 60-foot speed bay and 17 different dock locations of varying heights.

From the project’s start, the BCCG Pre-Construction team proactively implemented solutions to handle site challenges that presented early in the project. For example, the site elevation was lower than required, which would cause future problems due to a low water table. Working with the City on a separate public contract, BCCG brought in fill soil to elevate the land above the water table.

A second challenge BCCG addressed was the site’s low water pressure, which was below specifications. BCCG installed a new waterline around the neighboring building’s existing lines by boring through rock to route the line back to the City’s waterline. This solution increased the water pressure and brought it to compliance with the City’s fire code.

Under the strong leadership of BCCG’s superintendent and project manager, the schedule was restructured so that, despite delays, the project maintained its original completion date and remained within budget. From beginning to end, including the land acquisition process, the project was completed in 11 months.