As Design-Builder, BC Construction Group (BCCG) completed 12 new office and warehouse spaces across the country, along with the corresponding parking lots. The average prototype building size is 125,060 SF.

With careful management and seamless coordination, the team hired carefully-selected local and national subcontractors to construct the prototype across 11 states.

Diligent pre-construction efforts, including proper scheduling, cost modeling, and estimation, allowed the team to complete the projects quickly and efficiently. The load-bearing, tilt-up concrete exterior and windows punched with aluminum frames are some of the more specific features readily seen when approaching the prototype. Also, there are 17 full dock locations with 50’ x 50’ bay spacing and a 60’ speed bay to accommodate the high productivity flow American Tire Distributors experiences.

The implementation of tested procedures along with the ingenuity to look for innovative partnerships created a functional prototypical facility that met the Client’s practical and aesthetic needs as it was implemented across the country.