As the Design-Builder, BCCG teamed with architectural and design firms to complete the new, 125,060-square-foot office and warehouse space along with the corresponding parking lot. Always looking for the most knowledgeable staff with relevant experience, BCCG carefully selected subcontractors to install all of the building’s utility equipment.

Diligent pre-construction efforts, including proper scheduling, cost modeling, and estimation allowed the team to complete the project quickly and efficiently. The building features a load-bearing, tilt-up concrete exterior and 17 dock locations with 50-by-50-foot bay spacing and a 60-foot speed bay to accommodate the high productivity flow American Tire Distributors experiences.

Construction flowed smoothly; however, there was a significant amount of excess top soil remaining on the site after the building was finished. As a resourceful contractor, BCCG worked with the adjacent parcel’s land seller to deposit the abundant amount of soil on their property. This solution enhanced the parcel’s ability to drain excess runoff and created a win-win for everyone.