Discover the Distinctive Approach of Ascend Leadership Academy’s (ALA) Project-Based Leadership Education!

At Ascend Leadership Academy (ALA), we redefine education with our innovative Project-Based Leadership curriculum. This unique approach seamlessly integrates fundamental learning with ALA’s Leadership program, fostering student empowerment to cultivate talents and mold effective leaders poised to make a positive impact on their communities.

Embarking on a visionary journey, ALA envisions a state-of-the-art education campus spanning 23 acres. Our progress began in 2018 with a 20-classroom modular unit as part of Phase I, and we’re now excitedly moving into Phase II with the construction of a new building addition. Phase III is on the horizon, promising a cutting-edge athletic field and facilities.

In collaboration with BCCG, ALA is thrilled to introduce the Phase II addition, strategically located south of the existing modular facility. This expansive space, designed to accommodate the entire school population, features a wood-frame structure with a modern cement board exterior. Comprising 10 classrooms, administrative areas, and a versatile multipurpose room, the facility is tailored to serve 400 students. Additionally, the project includes the creation of 67 new parking spaces, ensuring a convenient and accessible environment.

The scope of our work extends beyond the building, with a commitment to enhancing infrastructure. We’re bringing sanitary sewer connections from 0.3 miles away, seamlessly integrating the existing school’s system into the new, advanced infrastructure.