BCCG was selected by Team CFA to Design-Build Bonnie Cone Classical Academy, a new start-up K-8 charter school, located in the city of Huntersville, North Carolina. Bonnie Cone Classical Academy follows a classical education model and focuses on providing students with the tools to think critically, reason effectively, and communicate persuasively. This school selected a 25-acre property along Ashbury Chapel Rd.

The leadership of Bonnie Cone includes a Board very experienced in the startup of K-8 schools, with the Board Chair having launched seven previous private schools in the area.  Their curriculum is mature and a solid fit for the rapidly growing Huntersville area.

Because Bonnie Cone Classical Academy required a building that suited the classical education model, and to support class sizes of 22-23 students, BCCG designed a 45,500 SF building made up of two floors.