CIJS was founded to bring an entirely new education experience to the students in the Orlando, Florida area. Built upon the Reggio Emilia approach, which originated in the town and region around Reggio Emilia, Italy, after the end of the Second World War, the founders of the school required that the facility support this unique experiential learning approach. In this way, a traditional building and campus would not suit their needs. BCCG was engaged to provide a Design-Build solution encompassing this unique program and addressing other challenges the school was facing.

Challenges the school faced included the failure of two developers to deliver a new facility promised first for 2018 and then for 2019, putting the school at risk for not opening. BCCG became involved and helped secure a funding source for the project. This challenge was tackled as collaboration by the school, BCCG, and Schoolhouse Development.

BCCG’s design solution is based on its cost efficient, concrete tilt-up design. This solved problems with both schedule and the code requirements for a hurricane-resistant building. The facility features 28 classrooms, a large multi-purpose room with attached food prep area, separate music, art, and media areas, along with a recycle center and a planned outdoor agriculture area.

This unique school and their new facility will serve the St. Cloud/Orlando community with an educational experience rare in the United States.