HIM By HER Foundation is a non-profit for at-risk youths and young adults. The foundation wanted to provide a new education option for the community, and gained a charter for HIM by HER Collegiate School for the Arts (HBH). BCCG was selected to design and renovate the three-story, 200,000 SF existing facility. Because HBH did not yet have a chosen site, BCCG assisted in site selection, providing budgeting and support during the process.

With the assistance of BCCG, HBH chose its new home to be an unoccupied school building in the community. Located on 15 acres of property, the facility was outdated and in need of modifications and updates to make it suitable for students. BCCG gutted roughly 30,000 SF of the existing space to create 20 new classrooms. In addition, our services included the updating of 4 restrooms, cosmetic upgrades, and paint and carpet replacement of an additional 65,000 SF of the 3rd floor.

BCCG also assisted the Client with evaluating the HVAC units and found that the 20 large split systems were in need of extensive repair. In order to provide the cost-effective solution, BCCG completed extensive repairs to the units instead of replacing the system entirely, saving the Client over $1 million in anticipated cost.

Challenges to the project that BCCG successfully overcame included working with additional safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting a short project schedule, permitting delays of more than two weeks, and performing construction while the tenant maintained day-to-day activities in the balance of the building outside of the renovation area.