Youngsville Charter Academy was leasing space in a local church, using their education space for the charter school during the week and then packing up their materials on Friday to allow the church to use the space on the weekends. While this was not ideal, the school has a classical education model that is highly sought after in the Wake Forest/Franklin County area. This high-performing and rapidly growing school needed their own space of a caliber that matched their needs.

The school leadership engaged with BCCG at the project inception. BCCG moved forward with the project handling all the land development, design, construction, interfacing with all governmental entities, and connecting the school to an appropriate lease solution. BCCG presented an appropriate prototype as a starting point and the design quickly moved through the process of customizing the building to meet the needs of the school’s curriculum. The school operates as two educational units, one serving the lower grades and the second serving the middle school grades. This required two separate administrative areas and some separation of grades to facilitate this approach.

There are 33 classrooms, including art, science, music, and special education spaces; a gymnasium that includes a stage for use as an auditorium with an adjacent warming kitchen; staff offices, and a reception area. The scope of work also included parking areas for 109 vehicles, and complete site development, including required vehicle pick-up/drop-off stacking, utilities, and a storm water detention facility. The site has been master planned to allow for a future high school. BCCG also handled the permitting required by North Carolina Department of Transportation and the negotiation of a significant reduction in their initial off-site road improvement requirements.